Abusing technology on simple problems? Please keep yourself sane!

Tags: tech, thought

I’ve just extended my contract with the company. It’s good that they provide us with online signation. However, the experience was completely reversed. At first glance, it’s cool to have OCR applied into the process, which means we could just scan our ID card, without having to manually input our information. However, it’s a shame when it’s not working properly. Yes, the system allows us to manually edit the information, but not the name! I’ve given at least 10 attempts just to get my name scanned right. Then let me ask you a simple question: Would you rather manually input your information at first place, or to scan your identity card multiple times just to get your name, and still have to correct other fields?

Instead of abusing OCR, nowadays with the new ID card which already included the QR code, which does include you personal information. Then why not using the much more simple solution? What’s the need of implementing such difficult approach and results in such awful outcome?

I’ll left a quote to finalize my thoughts:

“Work smarter… not harder”

  • Allen F. Morgenstern