Status update: 2022 in a nutshell

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Literally how I fvcked myself up in 2022.


Not like in 2021 when I was buried with deadlines when coping with the pace of working in the industry. I gave myself room to relax this year, mostly because I somewhat caught up with the workload and pressures. Besides, I had chances to join front-end developing, that’s when I realized that I had much more things to cover (Idk, maybe my colleague was too good? But it’s good sign also). However, there is a problem that when I learn new stuffs, other skills just got dulled. It’s like mouse-hitting game, when I put my effort to sharpen an aspect, others just got worsen so badly that I had to re-visit it, and it took time LOL. I don’t know (yet) how to escape this loop circle, but at least I’m trying 😅.


This is the main cause that I had to admit that I fucked myself up in 2022. But let’s look at the bright side first:

This year marked the first time I truly took care for a pet. At first I don’t want to raise her, since I’m afraid of tieing myself with responsibilities. But then my uncle just forced me to do so, and I think I should give him a proper thank for that. Raising and caring for a cat is awesome (yep, except when you had to clean up their literals)!

Image She is so happy, like the blue cat

Secondly, after those years, I my health finally allowed me to have a flight to HCMC. There, I had chance to visit my friend - Khải and Huyền (or in short Khải Huyền, no pun intended 😉). Thank you both for being my tour guide, we had wonderful memories back then.

Image Photo of us before Dalat market

I also did visit my foreign friend - Kato. He invited me to join their family dinner. The food was phenomenal, even when I was expecting some from a chef. Glad that I could see your family living happily in Vietnam. And if you might read this blog, hit me when you have a plan to visit Hanoi, please!

Image Kato is a wonderful dad, I promise 😉

On the other hand, my 2022 is not filled with pink. I got myself into some small conflicts and dramas this year, and they literally drained me so bad. Remember those day I had to force myself to work non-stop just to forget about those negative and scareful thoughts. Yep, me scared af. But hey, that the past, and it’s no longer our concern, ain’t it?

In addition, my friend circle has shrunken at fast pace. To the point that I found it’s hard to find someone when I’m in trouble. I’ve been recklessly to keep my circle, even trying to talk with new people but still can’t maintain it. Special thanks to anhvt - one of my colleague and Đậu - my best friend that stayed to listen to me, and gave me advice when needed.

Besides those wonderful and fucked up moments, I’ve adjusted some of my thoughts (especially when I read my 2021 wrapped):

Please drop playing games, since it took too much of your time!

No! when things went bad and you want something to keep yourself sane (at least keep yourself from negative thoughts) then gaming is not a bad option. That’s when you want to do something foolish, to forget about awful things happening around.

My opinion about reading is also changed. It’s not always leisure reading anymore, since I need to get some valuable things after spending my time, so I started picking some book related to my problems, and it hit hards. Yes, leisure reading is good, but it’s better when you could both enjoy and learn something with it.

That’s enough of ranting, let’s finish it here because I’m freezing rn 🥶.