Writing and the future of this blog

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To write is to think

I generally believe that, when we write, we do think thrice (not twice). Firstly, we brainstorms our points. Each could be a simple keyword, a whole sentence or an idea for a paragraph, which I would refer it as “the components”. After that, we reorganize and develop those components to structure our writing. Finally we do the review, tweaking here and there, finding more suitable words, rephrasing sentences so it could better convey what we mean, etc.

I do love the process and this blog is the result of it. However, there are problems preventing me from continously and productively write blogs:

I feeling more and more ashamed sharing about technical views

I was always ashamed on sharing technical thoughts, since most of who do read my blog have better view than mine. It just get worsen after years because I’m swaying from new technologies. Work industry is draining my time for learning and trying, not to mention the deficiency of mental energy after finishing the shifts (or am I just finding excuses for being lazy?). In addition, things I touched during the work is daunting and I would prefer not to share about it. What is left is just issues that is much irritated me, to the point that I had to rant about those in my blog.

Writing in this manner took so much effort

I do write much more, but not on this blog. I do own a series, tagged #Đilàmcógìdzui which recevied much more appreciation from my friends In such posts, I acted as a story teller, which the brainstorming process could be skipped since I already know exactly what to tell. Besides, I did skip the review since I could try using sarcastic way of writing at first, as the goal of the series is just to make fun of my work life. Normally, it took only 20-30 minutes in total, while writing a blog took much more than that, ranging from 2 hours to 4 hours, to even days and weeks to brainstorm.

The future of this blog

My hobbies shifted quite a lot during the year: I watched less and less animes, and I’m feeling the quality of the series nowadays are not worth my recommendations. So there won’t be much of those posts in the future.

I started picking photography, which I believe it sparked from my late 21. However, it’s not until now that I fully recognize it. I bought a real camera and started going out for shooting purposes. Hope that there will be posts tagged with photography arriving to this blog soon.

I’m also trying my best to spent time learning new (old) things, so let’s hell high hope about more technical posts on this blog, as it follows my first intention when creating this. This is just hopium on my side, since I might not overcome my shamefulness *shrug*